We are so confident that you'll love our work that we will master your song for FREE!


You don’t need to risk anything! Send us your song and we’ll master it for FREE just like you would have paid!



  • Make sure that your stereo track meets all the « AUDIO REQUIREMENTS » listed bellow.
  • Send us your project by clicking on « SUBMIT YOUR SONG » bellow. It will redirect you to « We Transfer ». Once you’re on We Transfer, make sure to send it at « » and mention in the
    « MESSAGE » section : *FREE MASTERING*, your full name, song tittle, your country and which email you would like to receive our mastering. It’s also super important to send us a reference song that you would like your track to sound like.
  • Once the the studio engineer receives your project, he will schedule it, then make it shine and finally we’ll send you a MP3 track of the FULL mastered work! Yes! That’s right! You’ll get the FULL MP3 version of our Professional Master for FREE! We do this promotion for a limited time only, so DON’T miss it!

*If after receiving our Master you want to get the high-resolution WAV 24 bit track or want to make any changes on the Mastering, simply order a « Stereo Mastering » and you’ll have access to all of that.


  • Export a single stereo track of your finished mix in WAV 24 bit with a sample-rate of 44.1 khz.
  • Properly label your stereo track file with your name and song title.
  • Leave at least -3 to -6 dB of Headroom on the master channel. No clipping, no peaks above 0dB.
  • DON’T use any compressors, limiters, EQ’s, stereo widening or any dynamic processing on the master channel.
  • DON’T normalize and don’t use any dither.


  • The final stereo track is already suppose to have a proper mixing session before submitting. Remember, a mastering won’t make a bad mix sound good, it all starts with a great mix!
  • We recommend to start your mix session without any processing on the master channel.