Synergy Sound is a company specialized in professional mixing & mastering. The founder, Anthony, created this company in order to let people benefit from his musical talent. His background as a Music Producer lead him to become a studio engineer. To make sure he got the best knowledge of this art, he attended the #1 mixing and mastering school located in New York City to learn all the secret techniques that the best studio engineers of all time use for major artists. As a result, our mission at Synergy Sound is to provide a professionnal sound to your project in order to reach it’s full potential. This way, you can basically only focus on creating awesome music and we will make your songs sound professional.



  1. We use our talent along with state-of-the-art techniques to deliver high quality customized  projects. We will make your music sound clean, clear, warm and LOUD. In other words, we have figured it out how to get a professional sound!
  2. We will work your song through our high-end studio equipments and softwares, which includes the best up to date EQ’s, Compressors, Tape Machines and many more.
  3. We will provide a fresh pair of ears to your music. After hours of listening to the same song over and over, your ears become fatigue and miss certain defaults in your track. Our team will highlight instantly all of those important details in your mix.
  4. We are specialized in Dance Music, but we can deliver a professional work for any kind of music. It could be House, Hip-Hop, Pop, Country, Rock, Ballad, etc.
  5. We offer the best prices possible for this kind of quality. All payments are easily made through Paypal’s secured website.
  6. We have a friendly user website where you can navigate easily to find everything you need. More specifically, our clients really enjoy the section called Samples, where they can listen to some of our previous projects and hear in real time the difference before & after, for either a mastering or a multitrack mixing.